Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lady Flashpoint

Hmm, I figured she would show up again but I'm not interested in JL, now if it was JLI I would be all over that. It would make sense too since Boosters' a Time Master in training. I hate when he's pushed aside in things he should be starring in. Time Travel is his thing, his son is Rip Freaking Hunter.


  1. They don't seem to be bringing up ANY of the Time Traveling with Booster...which is a shame.

  2. Well I can understand why and Jurgens does seem to be positive about bringing it up at some point in interviews. I can wait but his lack of presence in Flashpoint and TROBW kind of grates me. He was a bit player in things he should have co-starred in. Either use him properly in these events or don't. That's like having a story about aliens from Krypton then having Superman in the backround while others fight them.