Friday, October 14, 2011

Lots of comics next week

This is turning out to be a nice b-month with all the comics I'm getting even if I dropped a couple of books. While I still haven't gotten Superboy yet last month had enough issues left to convince me this month will too. I found a decent deal online for two issues of Demon Knights which I should get soonish. I've been staying away from spoilers so I should be fairly surprised plus this will be the first time I can review issues back to back. That's going to be a joint review.

I plan to get the Justice League Generation Lost Vol. 2. trade when I get my comics (Superboy & RHATO) next week but I keep thinking I'm forgetting something. Is anything else out in trade? I think the latest animated Batman film might be out but I'm always iffy on getting those. I loved Batman Under the Red Hood and Batman/Superman Apocalypse but I was bored to tears with Superman Doomsday (likely because of how much they changed the story. No JLI.)  But we also have the DC panels this weekend so hopefully we'll get some good stuff.


  1. It is a big week for reading. Resurrection Man and last weeks Swamp Thing highlight tonight's reading. Yay!!!! (And yes I have an 8 month old in the house...hence the reason for so many Yay's!!!!!!)

  2. And by the way, congrats on getting a good price on Demon Knights. I have read #1. I hope you enjoy.

  3. Congrats on the 8 month old and the many Yays' to follow. :)

    Yeah it shocked me after seeing all these mark ups for at least 7 something per comic. I'm excited about it.