Saturday, October 29, 2011

Teen Titans #2


What Happened Previously: Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is hunting down superpowered teens from all over the world. Tim Drake/Red Robin has taken it upon himself to put a stop to it. He found Cassandra Sandsmark/Wonder Girl before she could be killed. Kid Flash accidently made himself look bad on tv and was knocked out while trying to help firefighters. The director decided to use Superboy to hunt Red Robin and the others. 

Story Title: "Underground and Overwhelmed"

Thoughts: Like RHATO and Superboy the second issue of Teen Titans was better than the first. Cassie might steal (which is really just expanding her original origin) and have a bit of a chip on her shoulder but I still like her WAY better than her last version. I could not see the appeal of her in the old DCU. Here she takes care of herself and has a hard time trusting people. It makes sense for her to be like this with people trying to kill her. She still saves Tim, speaks her mind and knows she's powerful. Tim is Tim. Smart and caring. He knows that N.O.W.H.E.R.E. would leave him alone if he went away but helps because he's a hero. 

Skitters' story is rather sad but really reminds me of the X-books, in a good way. Her sister is a little naive but hey at least she cared. I liked Barts' scenes and the rather short bit with Superboy although it might be rather repetitive to people reading both TT and Superboy to see Red keep saying the same thing about Superboy not being ready. Not sure what to make of Solstices' redo. I like what little I saw of the character so I'm glad to see she'll be used. Hopefully she'll keep her positive outlook.

Did You Notice?: I have to wonder about the Danny that was next to Barts' cell. The only Danny I know about in the Teen Titans was Danny Chase, perhaps one of the most hated characters in comics. He's mainly known to fans as the guy that coldly informed Dick Grayson that Jason was dead in a way that had Dick ready to throttle him. Last mentioned as a joke by Rex Hunter to Rip Hunter in Booster Gold when the former mocked Rip for who he recruits.

Is this Danny invisible?

Tim Drake wearing a Green Lantern shirt. A overweight Batgirl(man?) in the backround.

Takes place in October, the night before Halloween then I guess on Halloween. I found this interesting Lobdell seems to have TT and Superboy moving along our time period while other books seem to condense their timelines. There's a Superboy issue in December taking place around Christmas while TT have a battle with Superboy on New Years Day.

New tech on Red Robin as he can now hang on walls (al la Batman Beyond) and seems to have nightvision goggles like Nightwing currently does. The wings also appear to be razor sharp.

Say What?: Although it was recently announced that this is the first incarnation of the TT by the higher ups at DC Red Robin thinks that this might have been the shortest incarnation of the TT. So unless they try to get rid of that in the future every thing except for the Formerly Young Justice group joining still happened.


  1. While your suggestion makes sense, I had a different thought as to who Danny might be which I'll be posting Sunday afternoon with my usual round-up of this week's comics. Let me know what you think. :)

  2. Looking forward to it. Now you got me curious.

  3. I liked this issue - it was good even if its history seemed pissed.

    I think Danny is that Bunker guy by the way.

    Also, when you can, check out the second issue to of the Teen Titans being compared to HmmmBop here -