Saturday, October 29, 2011

Justice League Dark #2


What Happened Previously: Enchantress has gone insane and a band of supernatural heroes are gathering to stop her. Madam Xanadu sees them all dying as a result.

Story Title: "Underground and Overwhelmed"

Thoughts: Deadman is more messed up than I thought. I'm glad Dawn expresses concern and disgust with his idea of being together. Yes I expected it to come up in their relationship but this was uncomfortable. Especially the elephant in the room neither actually brings up that by having Boston use another body to have sex with her it's raping the person he's using. Because that person has no say in the matter. Seriously, why isn't this a bigger deal than Starfire being with two different guys? Yeah he doesn't do it because Dawn doesn't want to but he tries it again with Junes' body (who went to him for help) and threatened to use another body to have sex with someone else if Dawn wouldn't. WHAT. THE. HELL?!

The team still isn't together, I think they haven't even introduced the last member yet. Other than Constantine trying to find Zatanna no one tries to gather anyone in this issue. I liked seeing how differently the two set about to use their abilities, John using pain to focus his powers better. The ending is rather confusing as I'm not sure why Madam Xanadu is doing such a reckless thing. As I don't know the character well I can't say if it's out of character or not.

I'll see this arc through but the Deadman bit was wrong. I know it's supposed to be in order to show how these characters are "half insane and broken" but the mere suggestion should have been enough and no one says what's really wrong with it. It's treated like Dawns' upset because it would be cheating on him since she's with "another man" not because the persons' body is used without their say.

Questions Raised: If Shade could create a fake woman as a lover couldn't he create a body for Boston to use?


  1. This sounds....interesting. I am really wanting to read these, but my brother hadn't picked up his copy yet. I know I need to read first before judging, but I don't know if I am going to want to read that storyline with deadman or not.

  2. Well judging by the other reactions I read at one site I'm the only one concerned with Deadmans' suggestion. Everyone else seems to act like it's a sitcom "Oh that Deadman and his wacky ideas." Not that this is the first time I've been bothered by something everyone else seems to be charmed with but still.

  3. I know some of Deadman but not a ton so honestly I'm not always into those wacky ideas. Like I said though I need to read it before I judge.

  4. Same here. I've read a little bit but not a lot. And even though he was supposed to be something of a jerk in life he's not supposed to be one in death. Unless the reboot messed with that but if that's true then why is Dawn with him? Let me know what you think if you get it.

  5. I will, but to be honest it will probably be at Thanksgiving. I will see my brother then and read what he has that I haven't read.