Thursday, October 20, 2011

Superboy #2

SPOILERS AHEAD Highlight to Read

What Happened Previously: Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. runs tests on Superboy, who was created with the D.N.A. of Superman and a human donor. One of the doctors nicknamed "Red" has a fondness for him and sees him as a lifeform rather than a lab rat. She's concerned that in every test they ran in the V.R. Superboy shows no interest in saving people in danger. Rose Wilson is employed to kill Superboy if he loses control. One of the workers at N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is leaking information to Lois Lane but is afraid revealing the whole truth will cost his life. The man in charge Templar demands they use Superboy to go after the Teen Titans, Superboy thinks is a good deal if it means he'll be free.

Story Title: "Superboys' And Their Toys"

Thoughts: Still have to wait until Teen Titans comes out but so far I have to say Lobdells' second issues are better than his first. I was thinking that this and Static Shock would be on my drop list after the first arc but I really enjoyed this issue. The little twists really make it a good read. I will say that I bought Superboys' more Lex Luthor like moment of "studying" the soldiers more than I ever did with Geoff Johns. It might be because this is more focused on the science (be it made up or not) of what Superboy is. But I also think Johns and other writers that followed the Luthor trend made it, well dull. It's unsettling to see Superboy smiling while tossing guards but I still like this Superboy.

His confusion and frustration with the world around him is fascinating. He is following the example of others on how to act. Only Red treats him like a being instead of a thing. I especially love the line about how Red is worried that he'll become a killer yet they let Rose walk around free. He knows it's not fair and it's helping him form opinions of those around him. On what action he wants to take.

Red is called by her first name pretty much confirming that she is Fairchild from Gen 13. She is trying to ensure that Superboy becomes a good person and when he goes too far she puts him in his place in an awesome tease of what she's capable of. If you read into what's not said you could guess that she feels for Superboy because she understands what it's like to have powers. She hides it from the people she works for because they are hunting teens that have abilities. Rose also gets her moment to shine as she puts down one of the shark brothers and banters with Superboy.

I'm also blown away with the level of raw power Lobdell is giving Superboy. It's creative and frightening in ways I can't recall anyone doing. He's not the mini Superman he became in the last DCU. I like that a lot.

Verdict: Looks like I might be sticking with this one for awhile. Very pleased with this issue and how it all ties together with Teen Titans.


  1. Glad to hear that this one got better. I picked up the first one and read it, but thought it was just okay. I thought it might have been me though being very distracted while trying to read it. I will pick up 2 and give it a read.

  2. Everyone sees comics differently so it might not be your taste. I liked it but I don't want to tell anyone else they should pick up titles.

  3. Oh I don't think that you do. I just tried to read about everything I could. It wasn't a bad read, and I enjoyed much more than Mr. Not-so-Terrific and BB. It is one that if I do get a chance to read I will, but as long as I have someone doing great reviews on it I won't put the pressure on myself to get it.

  4. Yeah BB didn't wow me either, I liked this and SS better. Thanks. :)