Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick Review: Superboy #5, Demon Knights #5, TT #5 & JLD #5

Like last time I don't have much to say about these.


Superboy #5: What's intriguing about this issue is how it's hard to tell which way loyalities will go. Rose actually cared about "Red" Fairchild. She feels guilty for having to go through with her orders. Superboy acts like he doesn't care but ends up saving Fairchild and is able to cover his tracks. Whether he's trusting the right person to look over her is yet to be determined. It keeps you guessing and starts to show just how scary N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is.

Demon Knights #5: It's confirmed that Ex is an Amazon and yeah Horsewoman shot her because she blames Ex for the girls' death. All through this issue you know that the Questing Queen will try to tempt one of the members to her side. I knew who it was going to be just because Savage is all about getting what he wants. He didn't like the odds so he's not going to fight with the losing side. Sad to see another likable villager die.

Teen Titans #5: Superboy kicks everyones' ass. Okay there's a little more as all the characters gets a chance to shine. Soltice doesn't add anything physical to the fight but as someone else that's been experimented on by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. she understands Superboy and manages to get through to him. Although he still knocks her out. I'm not sure what she was trying to do when she saved Bart & hit the ship. Slow down? Bunker gets in a few hits as does Cassie. Tim has perhaps one of the most meaningful encounters as he almost defeats Superboy. But they all fight him one on one instead of working together. Tim says the only way they can win is if they follow his lead but he doesn't lead after saying that. It was enjoyable and I'm wondering who the unexpected guest star will be.

Justice League Dark #5: Yeah Constantine is still the best character. He figures the whole thing out and sets things right. All of this was Xanadus' fault. She pulled a professor X and used it as a means to gather the team as the dark future she saw has nothing to do with the things that happened in this arc. It feels like I missed something with Mindwarp suddenly wanting to help. While I liked this title for the most part I don't think all the characters worked. Zatanna really added nothing to the fight, Mindwarp just shows up, and Deadman seems to have given up on Dove to follow June. This is the finale of this arc with next month dealing with the fallout. So either this or the next issue will be my final JLD as I don't want to go through another change. I know Miilligan will stay on a little longer but this seems like a good place to make a clean break.

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