Saturday, November 3, 2012

A weird thought that occurred to me

...That Geoff Johns might use Booster in his new Justice League series since the JLI annual kind of hinted it. If so I'm not sure I'd get it. As much as I loved his run on Booster Gold the annual seriously killed my excitement for Johns writing the character. I mean it's one thing to reboot a character. I would have expected it in the relaunch. But they didn't, in the last issue of the BG series it kind of hints that his time as a Time Master was still in canon. Jurgens took him one direction and Johns ignored the entire JLI run and took away all the character development Booster got. That irks me greatly. I feel like if I read Johns taking on the character again it'd be more of the same. I mean what was the point?

That's kind of why I've been focusing on the bat family lately. As much as I love Booster and the Time Masters I just feel so annoyed when I think of them because I'm reminded of that annual.


  1. I'm just so happy that there was some acknowledgement of Booster and Rip, that I haven't really been paying that much attention. But I miss Booster, and I'd like him back. If Geoff Johns could figure out a way to bring back Ted, then all sins are forgiven.

  2. I'd be happy if he could have gotten it right in the first place and for all we know both of them are currently erased to hype up another book. *sigh*

    If Wally West, someone that's popularity rivals if not surpasses his mentor isn't coming back anytime soon I wouldn't hold out much hope for Ted. Especially since his whole origin would have to be redone.

  3. Now that you mention it...I miss Wally too. Heck, they have a whole battalion of fabulous characters that they aren't bothering to use.

  4. At least for someone like Connor Hawke or some second generation heroes there's hope their be in Earth 2. I kind of wish Helena Wayne stayed there.