Monday, November 12, 2012

DC gives the Wonder/Super romance more attention

Sorry Lois and Clark lovers but DC is not only going to focus on the Wonder Woman/Superman couple in Justice League and the Superman titles but also in an upcoming book in Feb called: YOUNG ROMANCE: A NEW 52 VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL #1. I'm mildly interested for the other characters involved but not so much for this couple.

EDIT: New information!

• Romance is in the air in this very special Special!
• Wonder Woman consults Eros himself about her feelings for The Man of Steel.
• Barbara Gordon has always been too busy for romance, but could her role as Batgirl bring her back to the first guy she ever kissed?
• Following the events of “Death in the Family,” how can Catwoman ease Batman’s troubled soul?
• Aquaman makes waves as he treats his wife like a queen for a day.
• From the pages of STORMWATCH, Apollo and Midnighter celebrate Valentine’s Day separately but with each other in mind. Who—or what—stands between them?
• Dick Grayson and the daughter of Lucious Fox meet-cute!
• Plus: Perforated Valentine’s Day cards featuring the stars of these stories!

No real thoughts on the first story.
According to the information I read on the new 52 Dick and Babs never dated so he's not her first love. I wonder if it's Jason Bard.
If it's not a typo tying into DOTF then this should be interesting. If written right it could be a rather sweet story between Selina and Bruce. I love them as a couple.
Aquaman and Mera will always be awesome.
I never read anything to do with Stormwatch as I always got the impression that team was too over the top violent for me. No one I know seems to thrilled with the current series. Still it should be fun.
I hope they mean Lucious' older daugther as the youngest briefly dated Tim. I'd rather read about Tam and Tim. They were adorable.
Okay the cards are a cute little add on. But for $7.99 I'm only getting this if it's on discount.


  1. I am seriously hoping that this will be just as insanely hilarious as the original Young Romance stories, but that is probably too much to hope for.

  2. I'm editing this to add the new information but apparently their adding valentine cards to this. That's cute. The stories sound interesting at least.