Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lil' Gotham Chapter 1 & 2

I never had an interest in getting digital comics until I heard about this series. It's an all age comics that has some goofiness but has a lot of fun.



This story introduces Damian to the concept of Halloween when he mistakes a few kids for hired thugs the super villains use to do their dirty work. Bruce tries to explain what Halloween is before giving up and telling his son it's about candy. Damian goes about it all wrong forcing Bruce to teach him the correct way to trick or treat. There's some cuteness and funny moments. Like Damian recalling the closest thing the Al Ghuls did to celebrate anything like Halloween, or seeing just how the rogues spend the day. While relaunch stories have gotten me to dislike Damian this series goes the other way by letting him act like a kid.

Did You Notice?:

Well most people noticed the Batgirl dressed as Steph that showed up with blonde hair in the preview then got her hair edited black. Odd change to make no?

All the people dressed up as different characters for Halloween. Including: Two-Face, Joker, Riddler, the Flashes (one being Jay), Darkseid, Green Lantern, that Joker gang member from the Batman Beyond movie, Wonder Woman, Red Hood (UTH version) and many more.

Apparently Ivy is a big meat eater. Huh.


This one's a little more campy than the last. Penguin hates the idea of killing birds for Thanksgiving so he decides to attack the parade with a march of the Turkeys. Batman and Robin show up and Damian leads the Turkeys with music. Stunned to learn his son knows how to play a trumpet he's told that the league of assassins teaches many skills. I guess much like Batman they plan ahead for everything including the ability to control birds. Most of the bat family have dinner and Penguin suffers through a turkey dinner at Arkham.

For some reason I can't stop smiling at this exchange:

Damian: To the better part of the mansion!
Bruce: The batcave.

Jason appears for one panel for this jem:

Jason: (Carrying a basket of rolls.) Where's my seat? No one ever saves me a seat.

Yes, despite the fact he and the mystery woman were the only ones to help Alfred no one saved him a seat or invites him to portrait sittings. Really I'm starting to think they just like trolling him. Still very meta.

Say What?: A little self-jab at the art work when Damian notes that the head to the Robin balloon is bigger than the body. Of course Damian naturally assumes the Robin is him but nevertheless thinks they got the costume wrong. (It's the classic Dick Grayson costume.)

Did You notice?: Like last issue there seems to have been a replacement. Cass should be present but instead we get Katanna? (Her armor is shown in one panel.) I'm guessing the other woman with black hair is supposed to be Selina but it's never clear.

The other people present? Alfred, Bruce, Damian, Colin (Damians' friend from another series), Barbara (as Oracle), Dick, Jason, and Tim (with almost brown-ish hair.)

Despite Damian taking a live turkey home with them their served turkey and ham. Kinda of awkward message but I don't really mind.

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