Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is no one bothered by the Haly Circus retcon?

I've seen some angry comments on the changes to Tim and Jasons' origins. Even some furious over Morrison making Talia a rapist (again) in her origin in INC. But everyone's fine with Dick Graysons' childhood home, the place that always made him happy, secretly creating Talons? That Dick was being groomed to be one before his parents died?

I mean I could buy the Joker having a hand in making Jason a Robin. It's the sort of thing he'd do and it explains things a hell of a lot better than all the coincidences in  stories like DITF. The thing with Halys' doesn't even make sense given how much control the Court is supposed to have and how his parents deaths happened. According to the COO/NOTO tie in books his parents died on the same night that one of the Talons was watching his replacement and someone happened to threaten the circus. This was the night the Court planned to take him and obviously more than one member there. According to the zero issue Dick wasn't even Bruces' ward so what was keeping the Court from kidnapping Dick? They had all this influence but did nothing simply because Bruce Wayne took a shine to him? A man from a family that keeps pissing them off and "forced" them to attack?

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