Monday, November 19, 2012

Worlds' Finest #6

I don't like this series, I think I'll drop this again after this arc.

I already mentioned this when I talked about the preview so I'll try to sum up what I said there. Helenas' thoughts about this Gotham not being safe make her sound like a moron. Her world was caught in a war that took her parents from her. You can't compare that level of danger to the main Gotham. Her narrative of her "not-dad" and everything about this world makes her sound like a whiny brat that just hates something because it's not like it was when she was a kid. We've seen Bruces' other kids have more depth than this and when they suffer through trauma? They usually go through some interesting heartbreaking developments. They make you care that their lonely or hurt. I don't get that from Helena or even Kara for that matter. The ladies come off like snobs that think their automatically in the right and don't even attempt to learn the rules of this world. In the field and (at least with Kara) in their personal lives their downright lazy. Making money through stealing and seducing instead of using their brains. In Helenas' case she can't even come up with IDs by herself. I could understand if they stole from bad guys but Helenas' insistence to steal Bruces' money comes off as a very childish action. Like she sees him less than her dad but still thinks she's entitled to his cash because she's still his true heir. Even on a world she doesn't exist.

It's like DC wants us to believe this arrogance both Wayne kids have is inherited from their dad. Helena was sloppy as hell for a daughter of Catwoman and thinks she can taunt Damian on how easy it is for her to guess his ID? It's not like it's something Damian or any of the Robins can help since the only reason she knows it is because she's Batmans' kid from an AU.

The Kara stuff is more fan service. Most of it serves no purpose to the story other than saying "she likes men and being sexual." We get it already, we got it issues ago. Does it really need to be hammered in every issue? A possible meeting with Supergirl is avoided and we learn that one of the reasons they burn through money so fast is because their reckless with their spending. This section is just painful to read when I think of how Kara was written prior to the relaunch.

I also find Damian quite tiresome in this. Not only does he threaten to kill Helena but he does so after everything that happened the last two times he killed? Both Waynes are very dismissive of the Robin legacy when it doesn't apply to themselves. That's something that really pisses me off. To me that role has to do with Bruce finding kids that he related to and took in as his own. I hate this idea DC has been using since Damian showed up that the others aren't as good if they don't have Wayne blood. Nothing he's done since the relaunch outside the non-canon Lil' Gotham has shown me that Damian deserves the mantle. Quite the opposite. As for the statement of being a "bastard of a lesser mother" so many things are wrong with that statement. Not just the ego but the fact that he's actually the bastard by definition. I'm glad someone finally kicked his ass aside and it's the only moment Power Girl has felt like her old self since this series started.

I don't buy that Damian believes Helena just because she states she hasn't taken money often. That feels pretty off for his character. But yeah the end does feel rushed and forced. I'm not feeling this one at all.

Did You Notice? Karas' assistant seems different from her earlier appearance.

Helena mentions Damians' lack of concern for innocents. I bring this up for two reasons. One it's actually a concern Bruce seems to have for Damian (being self-involved) and two I don't see any bystanders near the fight.

Say What?: How did cameras pick up the fight between Helena and Damian? Is it being covered by the news or was it sent by people who work for Kara?

Damian knows about Catwoman so have they met in this 'verse? Did he see her fight on footage or something?

I guess Damian couldn't think of a better insult than "thief."

What? She couldn't find any data to explain who he was? Umm, didn't she say she could figure it out? She kept hinting that he was her brother. Plus the fact it's public knowledge Bruce Wayne has a son.


  1. Yeah, as much as I adore Kevin Maguire, this has been a real snooze.

  2. Maguire has done great work on this title but yeah. This needs a new writer.