Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sword of Sorcery #2

This is such a good book. I haven't been paying attention to the charts to see how well it's doing but I'm sure some are over looking it which is a shame. There's great art and an engaging story filled with action. Little by little the world and it's characters are being fleshed out. This issue made me seriously fear for one of those characters' life.

Amy or Princess Amaya, is still reeling from taking a life and seeing her mother use her powers to kill. I had to smile when they explained Amayas' flowing fabric, something you'd think would hinder her during battle. It doesn't for a good reason and as soon as we get hints about her father she gets a visit from her grandfather. Someone her mother isn't too pleased to see but nevertheless greets warmly. It turns out that Graciel was supposed to marry the lord of the Diamond house. Instead she fell in love with Amayas' father, who was lord of the house of Turquoise. This also explains why the house of Diamond took interest in the Amethyst family feud. The lord is still pissed about being slighted and he used to be married to Amayas' aunt. Since Mordiel can't have children it makes her interest in her niece understandable. She wants an heir and will kill her sister to get it.

In fact she tries to do just that during a ritual to share the family power with Amaya. Trying to influence her niece to kill Graciel during the process Amaya resists. Since most of us expect Graciel to die I was thrilled to see she still lives for another month. Back at the House of Diamond two of the brothers clash as Zushan decides to take one of their mens' brides to his room to "have her first." The second son races in to stop him. This shows that the oldest is obsessed with his status and what he thinks he's entitled to. He threats to kill Hadran (something he apparently has done since he was ten) and we see what kind of man Hadran is. He cares about their men and is disgusted by his brother.

Nothing really to add about the back up that I haven't said before. It's fun.

Say What?:

The Lord of Diamond, Reishan, apparently killed his father. What's more unsettling is the information that he currently has three surviving sons. As if it's hinting that they were killed by their father or killed each other.

How old are the Princes' of Diamond? They said Mordiel was only married to Reishan for two years after Graciel left. Zushan appears to be older than Amaya while Hadran looks about her age.

The power of Turquoise went to her grandfather since he had no other heirs. He made a big deal about his son being the lord of the house when he fathered Amaya. Does this mean she could inherit his power too?

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