Friday, November 2, 2012

Worlds' Finest # 6

Some books I feel like I have to get despite knowing it's not to my taste. I didn't really like Batman and Robin outside the zero issue but I got those issues because I love the Robins. I'm thinking of getting Batman Inc. #4 just because I'm morbidly curious. I'm on the fence about this book since I wasn't enjoying it beyond the flashbacks.

Spoiler thoughts on the preview under the cut

Helena doesn't think this Gotham is safe. Umm, hers was worse off. What with the war on her world and the fact her mother was killed in that version of Gotham. This preview seems to prove that Kara isn't the only one being written as a moron. Really? Helena was trained by the worlds' great detective and a master thief and the only way she can make money for the past five years is by stealing it from her not-dad? Kara has a business yet she has to seduce her way through it and even that's not enough to pay their bills? No investing? Hell, Jason has his own money because he steals from the mob. She can't even hack at a distance? Helena can't even make her own IDs? This is down right embarrassing for a bat kid.

I don't think they want us to like Helena because her arrogance annoys me to no end. It's not a knock off of her outfit if she never existed on this world. Speaking of arrogance Damian points out how lazy
the DAUGTHER OF CATWOMAN is at stealing. Argh!

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