Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's that time again, DC Solicits!

We have some interesting solicits this time!

Firestorm #17: I have zero interest in Firestorm (I never clicked with the characters) but I do enjoy Jurgens art. While I have no problem with Tim having wings the costume it's self could use a little fixing. Still Jurgens is one of the few people who can make it work as is.

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #17: Great cover that almost makes me want to get the book even though I have a limit for the books I get each month. (BTW Rucka should come back and do a crossover with Alice and the Mad Hatter. Or anything with Alice really.)

 This reminds me of Batman Beyond, the Joker inspiring the street gang of Jokerz. I wonder if the red guy in the back is supposed to be the Joker in a Red Hood mask or something like that.

Batgirl #17: I'm not reading Batgirl but what the hell happened to James Jr.? His appeal was that he was average, low key but odd guy that would give you the creeps. Yet you wouldn't consider him that scary if you just walked by him.

Nightwing #17: If I wasn't so turned off by the issue I got of this series I'd give this and the other DOTF Nightwing issues a try. I plan on getting the Damian DOTF issues even though I was irked by Batman and Robin because at least I was entertained. But I do like the role reversal of Damian and Dick. I still can't wait to see how any of DOTF fallout ties into the bat familys' relationships in Batman Inc.

SWORD OF SORCERY #5: I was curious how Amys' father died. The first two issues were amazing (except for that one scene), and even though I know that it always surprises me how much I enjoy this series.

Teen Titans #17: I'm one of the few people who doesn't think Tims' parents gets killed. It seems too soon after bringing them back. There are other things that could scar him. Making a misjudgement that cost innocent lives. Having his parents endangered and witnessing his failure. Accidently killing someone, etc. BTW that is Raven in the backround, Rocofort showed the design a while back.
YOUNG ROMANCE: A NEW 52 VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL #1: This could be fun but I'll only get it if I can get it for a good discount (certain sites do that sometimes.) Because $7.99 is more than I want to pay for a comic I'm not sure if I'll like.

DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #17: I'm getting this. Great cover, more attention to Roy (well his stories in RHATO were vetoed in favor of GA telling them...), plus we finally get to see more of his odd relationship to Croc. Comes out the same week as RHATO too.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #17: I'm looking forward to issue, it's something I've been waiting for since Under the Hood. Sadly another writer ruined this in another book but kudos for Lobdell trying to make sense out of all this.

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