Friday, November 16, 2012

If you ever wondered what time travel felt like...

Later on in the issue Rip also tells them that they can only go to the bathroom if they don't, umm, leave anything behind.

I guess it's a good thing Rani wasn't with him.


  1. Well that's an aspect of time travel that I have never actually considered.

    Rip covers ALL the bases.

  2. Seems like you might have wanted to ask that question before the door closed behind you, soldier.

    What book are those panels from?

  3. Sally: It makes sense but it's not something many would think about. Yep, Rip isn't the Time Master for nothing. ;)

    Boosterrific: You'd think so.

    From Suicide Squad #10 (2001?) Giffin wrote the issue. That's Sgt. Rock asking Rip about time travel. It was an odd issue. I don't think they ever explained why Rip was working with the government or why they went into the past in the first place. Sadly Rip wasn't in it much.