Sunday, March 31, 2013

Adding and Subtracting to the Pull List

I tried a lot of titles from the new 52. Some of them I only read for one issue, a couple I stayed with for an arc. A few I dropped because I couldn't go to my LCS on certain weeks and they were sold out half the time I was able to get there. I'm not sure if I will get back into them now that I can get things online but maybe at some later point. I lost two of my series, JLI and now Sword of Sorcery.

Since I'm still getting Red Hood and the Outlaws (although cautious of having a new writer) I've been thinking of another title to pick up once Sword of Sorcery ends. Since there was talk of Amethyst going into Justice League Dark I've thought about picking up the series again. I'm on the fence about it due to having to get back issues and the fact she's now a side character.

I was thinking of a GL book with Guy but that's a lot of stuff to pick up since I got trades until Blackest Night. I think he's going to Red Lanterns soon and I have no interest in getting that. I'm trying out BOP for an arc because SOS writer Christy Marx is writing. But I think the only other title I'd really be excited for it that supposed new JLI book with Booster, Nightwing and the rest. I'm hoping the writer is good because I'm not thrilled with most of the cast. So if this series comes out--let's say sometime after the Trinity War--how many months away should that be? 4-6?

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