Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Bat-timeline that doesn't make sense

I was already confused enough when I read somethings James Tynion said and I'm more than a little confused with the timeline.


  • At some undetermined time Bruce asked Jason to be Wingman off panel. (Morrison never explained it.)
  • Although the events in Inc. seemed to happen in a limited timeframe (a day I think?) Death of the Family happened shortly before Damians' death. RHATO #17 shows this as Jason thinks about their very brief time as Wingman and Red Bird. He gets his helmet and something awful happens thanks to Joker tampering with it. What happens isn't clear in the art.
  • This seems to lead into Tynions' run.
  • Inc. has Jason dressed as Wingman (face intact) going off the same time the shit hits the fan with Dick, Tim and Bruce. Damian decides he has to go and it takes off right from the events from the previous Inc. issue. Jason isn't seen but had been betrayed by the Hood. (The character not the helmet.) He was last seen being presented to some unseen woman in Inc. #7
  • Jason shows up in Batman and Robin #20 right when Bruce is in his grieving process. Tynion says this ties into his RHATO issues 19-20? But wouldn't that take place in between the aftermath of DOTF and the Inc. issues before Damians' death?
This makes no sense. Some people are claiming that Damian has to live since Jason isn't scarred in Inc. Wouldn't it make more sense that he's healed somehow before Damian dies? Don't the writers and editors at DC talk?

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