Monday, March 4, 2013

DC Dolls (or action figures)

On a different note some more dolls for DC characters.

This is supposed to be the first figure in a new DC line. If all of them look good I might buy a few. Although I think everyone that reads my posts knows which ones I'd get. Yep, the ones that aren't likely to get made. Anyway I've seen this marked around $189.00 but unlike the other dolls I've shown this has accessories and several pairs of hands. This is the best non-movie Joker figure I've seen. While I'd never get a Joker figure it looks well crafted. It looks much better than the Hush Joker retailed between $200.00-170.00 shown below.

While it looks like Jim Lees' art there's not nearly enough included to make up for the price.

Hush Batman was released along side Hush Joker for the same price. While I think it captures the character better I still wouldn't buy it. Once again the company that made the first Joker added a lot of bang for your buck. Not so much here. Maybe if he had a Bruce Wayne head, several hands and batarangs, etc.

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