Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why I need Anchor Books

I've been thinking about this for awhile. This has to do with how I personally feel about DC right now.

I try to be positive for the most part. I've dropped books that I hated, bored me or came out on weeks I couldn't get comics (this was before I started ordering online. I haven't caught up with some of those yet.) There were a lot of books that I gave tries and I enjoyed some of them. Before I started seriously reading DC I was into Marvel and lost interest around the One More Day crap. The X-books couldn't hold my interest and I decided that as soon as they cancelled Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker from MC2) I was calling it quits. I just didn't have any interest anymore. All the titles I previously loved were gone or bored me to tears. Booster Gold brought me over to DC for good. At the moment he doesn't have a title (although DC has recently hinted at something) but I love my bat family enough to hold on. I also found and adore Sword of Sorcery. Which  of course is ending soon.

I've considered getting JLD after Sword of Sorcery ends, catching up with back issues, etc. But here's the thing: much as I love Amayas' story she won't be the main character and I have no idea if I'll like the series under the current writer. I don't know if this is true for everyone but for me I need anchor books. Anchor books are series that you have to follow which prompts you to get other comics that catches your eye. If you don't have that series then you promptly lose interest until something else replaces it or you drop all titles until it's back. Right now I'm wondering if I'll have such a series to follow. The bat titles are kinda pissing me off right now. I'm bored with Nightwing which should never be the case with his character. I can't stand Barbara now that she's Batgirl. I dropped Teen Titans right after the DOTF tie in so if the rumors I hear about Tim are true I'll be mad. Two former Batgirls are gone so I can't follow them. Damian was senselessly killed off to repeat the same grieving/guilt complex done with Jasons' death because Bruce needs to be brood more. Oh and my favorite book RHATO is undergoing a plot that has Joker inflicting more trauma onto Jason because he really needs more.

See RHATO has been a fun book about friends coping over the past ordeals and moving on with their lives. I'll be upset if that's ruined. Yeah #17 made it hard to tell what they were going for but the more I think about the direction of this line the more annoyed I get. Technically Jason shouldn't remain scarred (or whatever Joker did) since Damian is alive in RHATO #17 and Jasons' face is fine in Inc. Not that canon makes much sense with Morrison and #17 said the Red Bird thing happened then DOTF before they got back to the Inc. stuff. The cover for #18 even has Damian on it which makes more sense if it directly follows up what happened in the previous issue. Basically Jason shouldn't be scarred if he's not when Damian dies. If they make him into a knock off Deadpool I'll be pissed especially since it means the Joker won again and makes Jason a victim again.

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