Friday, March 29, 2013

DC Presents #18

The second Outlaw related issue in a row, this time the story focuses on Kori.


I thought the same artist from last issue was going to be back, she's not. Dallocchio does the art and I have no complaints. Just a little surprised since I recall an interview saying otherwise.

Unlike last issue there are no Outlaw bonding moments in this story. Just Kori being badass by herself. Now that I've seen her using a sword I kind of want to get an arc of RHATO with them crossing over with Demon Knights. But anyway Kori gets taken by the same slavers that took her as a child. She breaks free and promises a town of slaves that she will free them. Not everyone is happy as one member, Dasimm, says she's trouble. He claims he's scared of her bringing unwanted trouble by hiding among them. Kori thinks otherwise, that he's afraid of her taking his control over the villiage. Because she can do what he can't and protect his people.

Dasimm attacks her and Kori remarks how pointless the fight is. The reason she uses the sword is out of respect for the ways of his people but regardless he's outmatched. She says that she can guide his people towards the future while he clings to the past. When he states that she offers death Kori agrees she kills when needed but can also keep people alive. She does this by removing his hands.

This issue shows how awesome Kori is but also how some people aren't ready for change. The slaver come for Kori and all eyes fall on Dasimm. It's revealed that the little girl, Denika, was the one to call the slavers. It seems she's terrified of Kori (likely from witnessing her kill then seeing what she did to Dasimm.) Although Kori offers the people freedom they just want her gone.

One of the slavers watches her take off and talks to some voice through a portal. I think. It's really hard to tell what's going on and I'm not sure if this will be followed up on since this series is ending soon. No other Outlaws issues are marked before it ends. It took me a little while to understand the last page, even now I'm not a 100% sure. It looks like the fake-Killer Croc from last issue is ordering the slaver. He says he's building an army.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this, it showed Kori being a warrior princess and the twist of the people not wanting her help. Although I was confused over some parts in this. Was Kori really arrogant enough not to get that she was unwanted? She claims the elders tell her what's said against her. Rereading the section with Dasimm none of them really voice a disagreement to his complaints. Their just tired of going over the same thing. She doesn't seem to understand how her violent ways affect others. Not to say she's hacking left and right as she does offer ways out more than once. This is more of a "judge for yourself" situation. She can't force her ways on these people, if they want freedom they have to try to achieve it on their terms. That's hard for someone that suffered like Kori to accept since she wants to help others. I'm also not sure about the end especially since this seems like the end of the arc. Was the Big Bad trying to build an army to work with the Outlaws? That doesn't make sense since Kori was taken into space. Why would he be against the Outlaws since Roy saved his life?

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