Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hated Character Danny Chase?

Since this Harper Row hate got started, not to mention some previous Robin hate, I've been thinking about characters that fans detest. This made me think of Danny Chase. I never read much of him so I can't say I feel one way or another about him. I mostly know him from what I've heard from readers, the few pages I've seen him in and wiki articles. He was supposed to be some highly trained super spy with lots of skills in the field and telekinesis.

Fans hated him because (and this is just what I've heard) he was a "whiny little know-it-all crybaby that always talked big but rarely delivered." His creator couldn't understand why people didn't like him and killed Danny off himself to let him die a hero. Despite all of that I think the reason he's hated for is his most memorable moment. Not anything heroic, not his death but his reaction to the news of another death. Yep, he's the one that ever-so-tactfully let's it slip that Jason died. Dick doesn't take it well.

Danny continues to be an unfeeling ass not getting why Dicks' upset since death happens in their line of work. Dick flips and points out that Danny is one to talk since he freaks out whenever he gets minor injuries. The scene does make Danny unlikable, someone who only makes Dick feel worse then can't understand why he's banned from missions just because he's young like Jason. Still if Vibe can be reimaged I don't see why Danny can't be. On a unrelated Danny note this is also the issue that had Bruce start his jerk phrase (well he acts like a bigger jerk) because he's grieving.

Yeah, I really didn't want to see that repeated with another kid. Wanna bet he hits at least one former Robin this time around? Or places blame on someone else?

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