Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Batman and Robin #10 before editing

I didn't like the Robin arc in Batman and Robin vol. 2. from 10-12. It had everything I hated about the 52 version of Damian and the plot didn't work for a lot of reasons. One of the things that bugged me was Damian getting all high and mighty when he suggested Tim and him weren't so different. All because Tim considered killing an enemy in the heat of battle after witnessing someone die. That kind of fell flat to me because that was a fleeting feeling Tim never went through with. Hardly the same as Damian taking more than one life. But I found a page of artwork that shows how the story originally went that makes more sense.

See this verison shows Tim in his pre-52 Red Robin costume. The scene in the second panel is from the last issue of his RR series. In it Tim spent the entire issue plotting for a way to kill off his fathers' murderer Captain Boomerang. He tried to make excuses for his actions thinking that whether Boomerang died or not depended on the villains' own choices. If he chose the wrong path (like fleeing) Tim would let him die. At the last moment Tim saved his life but it was implied that he might try again. Dick and Damian saw him save Boomerang, while Dick assumed he just did his job as a hero Damian was oddly quiet. Bruce showed up once they left to tell Tim he saw through the whole thing. Having Damian call him on that would have made sense since Tim had planned out a murder and could have gone back to make more attempts. Of course this would mean IC was still canon and I'm glad it's not. (Not just because I prefer Tim with parents but it means the Dr. Light crap didn't happen.)

I still don't think it would have improved the story that much but at least Damians' point made more sense in this version.

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