Monday, March 4, 2013

The meaning of The Case

I really hate the middle panel. It doesn't make any sense and is insulting to boot.

I'll admit that I think Tomasi did a better job with this book in the DOTF tie ins but I don't think he gets Tim and Jason or even how other people relate to them. Yes this page was supposed to act as foreshadowing and a means to have Damian bond with Bruce but look what Bruce is saying. That the case is only there as a reminder that he could lose someone at any time. No, that's not what it's suppose to mean, that's not why it was created at any rate. Ever since it was first introduced in DKR it was a way to honor Jason, hell Bruce even said Jason honored him in that book. So Damian should be correct here otherwise why was the Bat family always freaking out whenever it broke?

"Oh no! The reminder that Bruce shouldn't be a dick that gets us killed is broken!"

No. They freaked out because the case meant something, JASON meant something. So if/when Damian gets a case don't tell me his will act as another reminder that they could all die or that his matters more because he's the child by blood. Because that's not true, it was called Death in the Family for a reason.

And yes I'm still annoyed with DC.

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