Thursday, March 21, 2013

Batman and Robin #18

This is the only series I'm going to follow, at least for a little while, to see the fallout of Damians' death. So let's see how Tomasi and Gleason do a story of Bruce grieving the loss of a son--again.

Short review.


Silent issues can be gimmicky but if their done right? Their meaningful and really get you to think about the issue. The only way this can be achieved is if the writer trusts the artist to carry the story visually and it's written in a way that gets across the emotions of the characters. Does this deliver? Hell yeah. There are so many little details that really punch you in the gut. Damians' empty room. Alfred crying over the uncompleted portrait. The bit with the pole. The panel of Bruce racing past Jasons' case. The last of course brings up one of the big points that bugs me over Damians' death.

It repeats story beats and that makes it hard to have a fresh take on Bruces' grief. Like the letter mentions how Damian disobeyed Bruce much like writers have said of another bat kid. Plus one of the lines, the one about Bruce giving him a life is echoed in RHATO. I don't think this is a problem in this story but we're see how that goes from here.

Amazing issue with great art. This month my pull list has Bruce acting pretty emotional. I'm glad I got this one. Not sure what that means for this title but at least the family will be returning.


  1. Pat Gleason knocked it out of the park, as did Pete Tomasi. I have been enjoying this particular book for quite some time, and it was awesome.

    Dang. I never thought I would miss Damian...but I do.

  2. I'm usually impressed with Gleasons' work. Lots of detail and emotion. I've preferred Tomasis' other work but he's had some good moments in the title. This was one of them.

    I still can't get over my frustration with DC pulling this stunt. At least a version of him is in Lil' Gotham.