Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sword of Sorcery #6

The beginning of the end for this series last arc.


It's sad that a book with such rich storytelling is being cancelled before it ever had a chance to really develop. Although it already set up A LOT in the limited time it had without ever making it a chore to read. It's pretty obvious that a lot of plotlines and characters were being introduced for bigger parts but will never get fleshed out properly. Like the thief Preet from last issue that turned out to be a "wild seed" of the House of Turquoise and inherited the family powers along with the throne. Only the powers interest him and the debate on whether or not he should be king actually makes for a nice read. Graciel thinks he'd make a good choice since he knows what it's like to be one of the people instead of growing up wealthy. Preet doesn't think the guards would be that thrilled with him and they'd send assassins to take a chance on the next heir the powers falls to. Seeing that Amaya gained some of the Turquoise powers also makes for a fun match up since they can do the same things and cancel each other out. Of course it also makes him flirting with her all the more sheevy since it's a reminder that these two are related. Yeah it's likely distantly but still.

Since I quit reading JLD I'm not sure how much of a bastard Constantine is there but what he does here has to be the biggest dick move I've seen him pull. Again I don't know what his relationship with Amaya was in JLD (I'll get back issue when my budget allows for it) but they seemed cool with each other in this title. She called him on his bull and they liked each other alright. Now his plan becomes clear as he summons Eclipso to a meeting and offers him a deal he can't refuse. Not to say Constantine didn't rig up some failsafes in case Eclipso flipped out. He tells Eclipso to change his appearance and gets Amaya to answer his call, reminding her that she said she would since she owed him for the pizza. He gives a story about the man Eclipso is supposed to be saying he's a ambassador then blows up the crystal to trap him in Gemworld. See Amayas' ancestor was responsible for him even being in our world in the first place. Constantine isn't proud of himself and does feel bad for Amaya. But there was one thing he didn't count on, releasing the spirit of  Vyrian who thanks him since it gives him a chance to save his daughter.

Eclipso doesn't wait long as he changes into his true form not long after they appeal knocking everyone out. He finds Senshe demanding to know when the next eclipse is. Since it's not for another 5 months he knows he has to strike fast and tries to enslave Senshe to his will. When he's surprised it doesn't work she reminds him it was how he was defeated last time. That's right, Eclipsos' mind control powers don't work on any of the ruling house members. Furious he snaps Senshe's neck. Meanwhile Amaya realizes to late that she brought this monster to her world and that Constantine is to blame. Ingvie inherits' her mothers' power which tells everyone that Senshe is dead.

We also gets some information about the House of Onyx being linked to Eclipso and which is part of the reason for them being bound by laws. Onyx is forbidden could of wiped out the other Houses if they went unchecked. They can't marry any other House members since their powers neutralizes other blood powers. Amethyst on the other hand can amplify other crystals. Citrine has been able to record messages and learn languages so it makes sense that it's members have perfect memories.

Stalker back up:

I didn't read this one for awhile. I was in a hurry to finish the Amethyst story before work and forgot about this one. Like Stalkers' wife Clarissa dies not long after her sons' birth. Stalker is still determined to save his extremely great grandsons' life. Using his abilities to get food, clothes and supplies he prepares for a fight between him and the big bad. A holy man is kidnapped, salt is used as they wait in a church for the battle to begin.

Not a bad story even though it was a little predictable in places like Clarissa dying. Let's see how they finish this one.


  1. I wish this series had never been cancelled...imo it still had some life in it. I recall the previous 80's series fondly and this nicely-written updated version retained a lot of the dark fun it had.

  2. Yeah, I'm hoping that it gets more than appearance in JLD. This really was one of the best series I read in the new 52 and it's a shame to lose it so early.