Friday, July 5, 2013

Ah Comics

Yesterday a friend of mine dropped off the Stephanie Brown run of Batgirl she borrowed. She previously read what I had of Cassandra Cains' run and preferred Cass. I remembered she liked Deadpool and mentioned that I had some Cable and Deadpool. She asked who Cable was and I had to explain that he was the son of Cyclops and Jean Greys' clone that was affected by a virus, sent to the future and came back to the present older than his dad. Her reaction was interesting.

Although it was better than my brother-in-laws' reaction when I told him Damian was killed by his adult clone. I'm pretty sure Morrison didn't intend for people to laugh at how he offed a ten year old.

My sister doesn't even want to look at the Buffy comics after she read the summaries online. She thinks their too over the top to bother with. Can't say I disagree.


  1. "Over the top?"

    Yeah, trying to explain current storylines...or past storylines to people who do not read comics, is always...dangerous.

  2. I didn't know how to explain what they did to Buffy. Basically it was "screw what they said in Angel none of that happened like that. Buffys' sister's turned into a giant, centaur, etc. after she had sex. Fanservice!" That's just a bit of it.

    Well all three of them are into comics but either trade wait, stick to certain companies and/or are catching up. I might need a flow chart to explain the Summers' family.