Monday, July 22, 2013

Short Review: Batwoman 19-22


I wasn't that impressed with the relaunch of this book when I got the first trade. Maybe I just miss Ruckas' writing. I did think that magic was recaptured during the zero issue (uh the second zero issue that is) but so far I'm not feeling it with this arc. Not to say this is horrible, it's not by any means. It might be that the direction doesn't impress me. I'm not really interested in the DEO stuff despite wanting to look into the Chase series. I know why their working with Kate but something feels off. Not just the idea of Bones being Beth and Kates' previously unmentioned brother. I'm happy that Bette is improving even if her new codename and costume aren't too my liking. Seeing her family working together including Katherine is a good development. I wanted her character to do more than act as a la-dee-da step-mother Kate didn't like. She doesn't quite feel like the same person but I didn't get a lot of issues so I might have missed that development.

Jake did a lot to ensure Kate got the training she needs so it was good to finally get a look at his buddies that act like trainers. Especially since their all doing their best to make sure Bette becomes a threat to the DEO. Bane's appearance was handled well while the other rogues were more amusing. I like seeing the Batwoman family developed and I can't wait to see the actual fight between Batman and Batwoman. There's just something that doesn't work for me. At least not as much as Ruckas' stories.

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