Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Andy Kurbert does a Damian miniseries

One that's based around the Batman 666 timeline. Maybe the grieving period has killed my interest but I really don't care. He may be too childish in Lil' Gotham but it's the only place I currently like the character in.


  1. Eh. If you want to make comics about Damian, DC, then have the courage of your convictions, and have him alive to tell them about. Fake "future" stories are just a cop out.

  2. I have a feeling their going to do something with the clone angle. Personally I have no interest unless they retcon it so he never died in the first place. We already had the "Robin that came back from the dead" storyline. Doing the same thing makes this cheaper than it already is.

    I have no problem with potential future stories but this one already lost me.