Thursday, July 4, 2013

DC Collectibles answers some questions

Interesting stuff but this one stuck out.

Question 7: Nicholas asks, “Why are you not releasing many action figures based upon the New 52?”

 In 2012 and 2013, we focused on the core members of the Justice League with the beginnings of some villainy. It was a smaller line than some fans were used to from DC Collectibles but as we mentioned above, we need to be sure that a character will sell in a great enough quantity. Luckily, we have our master toy partner, Mattel making amazing action figures as well. Besides their big retailer toy lines they also have a subscription line of action figures for fans on their MattyCollector site. But we hear our fans loud and clear, so expect to see our New 52 action figure lines more than double in 2014. How much more than double? You’ll have to keep checking in to find out.

This confused me a little because I thought DC was really trying to push the new 52. Yeah the JL and villains make sense but there wasn't much more. I remember hearing that back when they started out as DC Direct the main goal was to make figures of characters that weren't likely to make it to retail. Characters like Geo-Force for example. While we still get lesser known characters most of the lines have something related to Superman and Batman, something that's not always great since they sometimes go into lines that aren't about them. Like making a Green Lantern Batman. I can understand this line of thinking but I can't say I have much interest in getting several Batman figures. Although I do see potential in related bat characters that aren't being made. For example here's a list of figures that could be made:

  • New 52 Nightwing (Maskless Variant?)
  • New 52 Red Robin (Maskless Variant?)
  • New 52 Red Hood (Variant listed under three pack)
  • New 52 Batgirl (With Variant. Although I wouldn't get this one I know some would. Besides it has repacking value if a Birds of Prey pack was ever done.)
  • Batwing (I'd prefer David but either could be made.)
  • New Sculpt Batwoman (Maskless Variant)
  • Alice (using the Maskless Variant head for Batwoman.)
  • Talia Al Ghul (Extra Skull head/Variant for Morrison fans.)
  • Robin Four/Five pack (Depending if they want to put Helena Wayne in this.) Re-paint Batman and Son Robin (Tim) with new hands w/bo staff, Re-issued Batman Inc. Robin (Damian) with hood up (maybe a new Gleason style head sculpt), brand new sculpts for DCnU Robin Dick and Jason.
  • Outlaws three pack New Starfire, Arsenal, re-painted Red Hood w/unmasked Rocafort art styled head.
I'd get all of these, even reissued figures if like Red Hood if they had new heads (that looked good.) The thing that appeals to collectors is making the reuse worth it. Two previously used Robins with slight changes for two new ones. Seriously I'd love all of them. With lesser known characters?
  • Constantine (most of the parts can be used for Phantom Stranger), Phantom Stranger, Zatanna (some of her new 52 cape look can be reused), new sculpt Amethyst, Etrigan
  • Animal Man (w/Maxie as a pack in)
  • Xanadu (Except for the head piece a fairly simple design. She certainly appears enough to deserve a figure.)
  • Booster Gold (Although I'm not to thrilled with the new costume I'd be up for a new sculpt since I never thought any figure captured him 100%.)
  • Fire (Flames up version)
  • Ice
  • Godiva (Basic outfit that can be reused.)
These are just some examples but I have lots of figures I'd like to see done. (A decent Rip Hunter figure is pretty near the top even if he hasn't appeared in DCnU.) I'm looking forward to seeing new figures and hope to see some of my choices.

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