Sunday, July 21, 2013

Short review: Batman and Catwoman #22

Well, this was a surprise.


I actually like this issue, it didn't make me hate Bruce for his dickish behavior. He still annoys me as he never left the denial stage and continues to mesh all stages together. He can't accept his sons' death and lies to Carrie keeping up the ruse by creating a fake Damian message. This issue reminded me a lot of #20 with Batman willingly partnering up with someone and for a good amount of time getting along with that person. This time Bruce is the one that's lied to although Selinas' actions were FAR more positive than Bruces' were with Jason. My favorite moments in this arc were the ones where Bruce got along with Jason and Selina because they were the only moments he was likable. Even with Carrie he comes off as a lying jerk that's leading her on with hope she'll see Damian again.

For the most part I've enjoyed the guest stars with the exception of Barbara last issue who frankly bored and pissed me a great deal. Selina was a breath of fresh air after that angst fest. I did think the symbolism of the figurine was going to come into play. It likely has to do with Bruce not being there for Damian but really fits his treatment of Jason better. The art made Selinas' body too long and tiny around the middle in a few panels but I really don't have many complaints here. While Bruce was a jackass throughout most of this storyline most of his loved ones show why he needs them. To make him human and Selina shows why she'll always be the only woman for him as she's able to get past his defenses just as easily as she picks locks.

One more issue to go before I drop this title. I'll only pick this up again if there's another bat family gathering although I will do so cautiously as not many issues are gems like this one.


  1. Well, Bruce is always something of a jackass...but Selina just shone in this. It helps that it is Tomasi and Gleason, because together those two always seem to work magic.

  2. There are degrees of Bruces' jackass behavior and to me treating his kids (ie. his actual adopted kids) like crap is deeply disturbing. He was just abusive and nasty to Tim and Jason, something neither deserved. He was selfish for 90% of this.

    Tim, Jason and Selina were great but I have to disagree on Tomasi/Gleason magic. I love Gleasons' work and Tomasi was amazing on GLC but I don't like much of his writing on this title.