Sunday, July 21, 2013

Buying Options

I might not get All Star Western #22. I heard that Booster was going to appear in this story at least once more but I doubt it will be this issue. Given how I felt about last issue I think I'll flip through it in the store to see if he appears. I mean it's $3.99 for a book I got just for his appearance.

I got the second Demon Knights trade and plan on getting the second Justice League Dark trade. After that I think the only ones coming out that I'll be interested in are I, Vampire & SOS. These are some of the best additions to DC that I sadly had to drop because of transportation, lack of money, etc. (Although I'm apparently one of the few people who got all the Sword of Sorcery issues.) The mystical side does feel richer but the books don't seem to do well. Three of these along were cancelled long before their time.

September looks kind of small for my buy list. I plan to get Ras Al Ghul and the League of Assassins to see if the current plot of RHATO will make anymore sense. Other than that I can't find a single issue that interests me enough to buy. A few would interest me if they explore certain things but nothing makes me feel compelled to buy. It's going to make me go through comic withdraw. Well the reviews might be interesting and sway me into giving something else a try. If they made it I think I would have brought a Rainbow Raider issue just for laughs. No, you know what would have been great? A Max Lord issue or Black Beetle so we'd FINALLY know what was up with him.

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