Sunday, July 7, 2013

Short Review: All Star Western #21


I knew it would only be so long before Hex would attack Booster. I'm grateful they kept the peace as long as they did. I didn't really care for this issue as much as last (which I loved.) It struck me that Booster hasn't really succeeded much in this arc. It's not really his fault but he doesn't protect his town, he's only able to capture one of the people that slaughtered those in his protection, and then that guy gets killed on his watch. I found Batwing/Luke kind of bland and genetic in this. Nothing much to add, just not as enjoyable as last issue.

Questions Raised?: What is it with the titles I'm reading having these memory loss plots? It wasn't really used much in this but already sick of it.

The timestream looks like hell now? I miss the rainbow look.


  1. It was the seemingly random and entirely unnecessary violence that got me in the story arc. In a typical Jonah Hex revenge fantasy, the violence is ultimately repaid by Hex. Here, it just keeps going. (That crazy Romeo is by transitive relation worse than the sadistic and evil Clem Hootkins, but there is no bounty on his head?) If the real old west was this violent, America wouldn't have a west coast!

    And I really didn't appreciate Booster murdering those poor horses. (Well, maybe not murder. Maybe negligent horseslaughter.) Booster has so rarely seemed so overwhelmed, so out of his depth in all his previous adventures as he does in this issue. (He had already discovered he was bulletproof. Why is he panicking? Has he forgotten again already?)

    Too many seemingly random events with no clear plot or resolution made this issue very disappointing for me.

  2. I'm assuming that using Booster...who has conveniently forgotten a whole a vehicle to get Hex into the future was the reason behind the whole team-up.

    A shame really. I would have been more than happy to just have Booster hanging out with Jonah in the old West.

  3. Boosterrific: Yeah I felt the same. I mean the last couple of issues had fun stuff but Booster doesn't really come across that well in the long run. One of the reasons I hate these memory loss plot is that no one seems to write them well. Nothing is ever written consistent. It was like they just wanted to have fun with Booster being out of his element and added the forgetfulness to cover up how hapless he is. Then he's just used to get Hex to the future for pointless cameos. The villains are build up but really aren't all that important. Very disappointing for me too.

    Sally: Actually I think that's how they said it went down in a interview. They said that Didio came to them with the idea of using Booster to get them to meet Batman, etc. That's apparent in this issue and well, there's really nothing great about the story after Booster leaves. It might get better but the cameos really don't add much if the characters are only their for coolness, promoting other books and to get Hex to the next plot point. At least Booster got some story even if they didn't use him that well.