Friday, July 5, 2013

Tomasi talks Forever Evil: Arkham War

I bring this up for two reasons, one of which has nothing to do with any of the work Tomasi is doing about a plot that will likely never get resolved. Not unless Lobdell uses it in Superman. The other reason is that Tomasi talks about what's to come in Batman and Robin.

Geek: And following this, what can we look forward to in Batman And Robin – any hints for what's coming over the next year? And if you can't tell us much about the future, how about the past? Are there any points in your run that we should go back and revisit – look closely at to prepare us for what's ahead?

Tomasi: That's a great question. In BATMAN AND ROBIN I've got a story starting in issue #24 thru #28 that focuses on Batman and Two Face called THE BIG BURN. It delves into Bruce and Harvey's past and also explores Two Face's origin from a new angle and introduces some new characters to his history in a surprising way.

And the second part of that question you asked is key because even though there's not much I can reveal from this point, what I can say is that everything that's occurred in BATMAN AND ROBIN during my run with Pat Gleason is all in play and will reverberate in a huge and epic way in 2014, so go out and pick up the trades of the previous volumes to prepare yourselves if ya haven't, because as I've said before in earlier interviews, the Uber-Story is still building!

Unless Damian comes back there's very little I can see returning. Not unless Bruce gets called on covering up Damian killing No Body and his crappy treatment of his other sons comes back to bite him in his rear. Interesting though I'll be dropping the title after this arc.

The other thing that interested me--the Lobdell thing--was that this would be the perfect timing for Crux to be freed from Arkham and switch sides. I would have loved to see him join the Outlaws.

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