Friday, July 26, 2013

Writers' Block: RHATO Tying in the new with the old

I mentioned Jasons' new 52 training, destiny and the All Castle/Untitled here. What Jason can do thanks to the All Caste and some of his language skills are listed here. This has to deal with how Tynion uses parts of Lobdells' story to link it to the Al Ghuls.

As seen in RHATO #2 there's a connection between the Al Ghul family and the All Caste. While Tynion doesn't exactly make it a neat transition certain things do work rather well. The Well of Sins, the pool that changed the cavemen into the Untitled, is in fact the root of all the Lazarus Pits. There was some debate among bat fans when Red Hood was trained with more mystical teachers in the relaunch but it actually makes a more solid connection. See Jason used the pit in some respect in all versions of his rebirth, although it played a different role in some tellings. Since their just run offs from the main one their not as potent. It explains the life restoring powers which aren't as strong as the Well of Sin which gave it's users immortality. The side effects are usually temporary insanity while it's not clear if the Untitled are just dark reflections of themselves or the Well made them that way. Essence struggles with the evil within and Ducra apparently rid herself of it.

While it's hard to believe Ras can be written as honorable given his Batman Inc. appearances and trying to resurrect himself via his grandson it's a nice nod to stories from the past. Thus far Talia doesn't come off that great, at least under Tynion since she seems to be using Jason the whole time for a plan she (for unknown reasons) thinks he's perfect for. But I can't deny the more I think about it the more the old version of Ras fits. It has been said that the All Caste haven't had any other humans train for years (is he still "merely" a human?) and no one survived the cleansing even longer. Although one would think Ras would have met her further back then hundreds of years given how long these immortals live. It almost feels like he'd be the one that would have kept an eye out for Jason instead of Talia. In fact Lobdells' version certainly leaves this idea open since his acceptance of Talia disobeying him to let Jason use the pit seems to surprise her. Where she's now the one plotting and refusing to tell Jason things.

Ras covers the Well of Sins and build city for his army of assassins over it with copper all over the place.

In RHATO #22 Essence mentions a vague type of weapon that was implanted into her called the "essence of pure life." Something she planned to use against the leader of the Untitled, the uncle that lead them all to the Well of Sins in the first place.

In past posts I spoke a little about the Essence back up Lobdell did and I've state a few times that I think Tynion forgot this or was ignoring it. That still could be true but then again I might be assuming it because the art work doesn't reflect that story and he seems intent on having the Untitled work together instead of separately. In Tynions first arc he has characters acting like the only hope to stop them is the Well and Jason knowing what to do. (We'll ignore the fact he has amnesia for now.) In the Essence back up she kills one of the nine which would mean there were five left not six. Three dead including Ducra with Essence being the only okay one left. During this storyline the uncle (not the Untitled leader) she would later kill wanted to arm himself after he learned of Red Hood slaying one of their members. He found a weapon the All Caste had made to defeat the Untitled that he intended to use against the others and Essence. It was called the Life Hammer. She also claims to be life when she destroys her unnamed uncle with what appears to be light.

Connection? Maybe but it doesn't work with my theory that Jason currently has the "Pure Life" sealed in his body. Because this story takes place after he killed a member of the Untitled. His ritual/test happened before he left the All Caste. If she was implanted with it then it would be gone and the weapon in fact malfunctions because her uncles' touch corrupted it. Still it would be a solid link if he chose to address it in story.

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