Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DC Forever Evil Teasers

Found here.

Cue the fear for _____ life. Personally this one's my favorite.

Not just because of us getting a female GL but because the unexpected tag makes it look like something else. "First there was Gal Gardner now prepare for the unexpected Hallie Jordon!" Or Joan Stewart. Kayla Rayner? I'm drawing a blank for Simon's girl name.


  1. Duh, of course. I don't know why but I was trying to think of something elaborate. That's what I get for reading three different stories at once. :)

  2. Does Simon have a girlfriend? I thought he just had a sister or something. Whose name I am also blanking on.

  3. I have no idea, I haven't been reading the any GL books since I got the trade for GLC Blackest Night. I think this might be the female lantern Johns mentioned in his last GL issue since I saw scans of that.

  4. Don't think he has a girlfriend - his sister's name is Sira, by the way. :)