Thursday, October 31, 2013

DC Collectibles Unveils a new Figure!

One that makes me very happy to see. Can you guess who it is before they tell you?

Or I could talk about it under the cut.

While it would be nice to have a new Booster figure I'm kind of glad it's not since I've been on the fence on getting a new 52 Booster Gold. I'm not a fan of the outfit but I'm always up for something new being made/done with the character. (I'd rather have a TMVP Rip Hunter anyway.)

But seeing Arsenal REALLY made me happy because I love the character design and most of his series. I would like to have two heads one with the mask/hat and one without them but you know what? I'm cool with this even though I know there will be outrage from those that loathe the hat. Believe me there are people that hate it with a passion. I've seen people that say it's worse than Lian's death. The hat feature made me smile. This doesn't look like Rocafort's art which is a shame but it still looks good. I think this means we'll get the rest of the Outlaws. This is supposed to be out around July. And I heard that the current Teen Titans are being made which means we only need Batwing and the ladies to fill out the extended bat quota.

Congrats to Tiffany for getting it right of the bat. I could barely see the arm but if you know archers you know they have the arm guards.


  1. I would not have guess Arsenal. I kept seeing blue plastic and whimpering "Blue Beetle"!

    But Roy is ok too. Actually I don't mind the hat.

  2. The test pieces aren't always colored like you expect but the blue still threw me off for a second. The torso was the only one I could see details on before the head was shown. Of course I guessed it was him because I couldn't think of another archer besides Ollie.

    I was a little confused by the hat at first but I never goy why it's hated so much. I like it now.