Friday, February 12, 2016

Back to the Future #4


"Peer Pressure"

Seeing Doc worried that Clara might not want to go the future is really sweet. It shows that he's not just thinking of the science aspect or his own desire to see Marty again. He knows that it's one thing to know something and another to experience it. Having Jules and Vern sensing another oncoming story is a small but nice bit of characterization. There are a lot of nice callbacks to the movies that feel natural and give some depth to Martys' character. His struggle to figure out if Jennifer likes him is different than his parents problem as you really get the impression Jennifer always likes him but Marty thinks he needs to prove himself.

Doc may not have understood romance but he still manages to get Marty to realize he should just be himself. Which in a round about way makes Marty the love expert by the time Doc falls for Clara in BTTF part three. Yep, Doc is one of the reasons Marty is so awesome. I really found it fascinating that Needles has such a long and profound affect on Martys' life. One that you don't really consider with the movies. Sure originally he *ahem* "needled" Marty into his accident then got him fired but this series shows it's been going on for awhile. He was the reason Marty meets Doc and here he gloats about how easy it his to manipulate Marty. Needles makes him doubt himself and almost took advantage to steal Docs' stuff. This is some Bliff level life changing influence.

Anyway Clara isn't fooled and as expected she wants to go. Not just because their a family, she truly wants to see the future. Naturally, she does share her husbands' love of science after all.

"Emmett Brown visits the future"

This would be the story of what happens to Doc between him dropping Marty off then returning to figure out something to do about the McFly kids. The mentions of love of nostalgia in 2015 are very true in and out of this story. This helps explain how Doc gets the time machine installed with a hovering device. How Doc gets the money needed for his future investments needs to be seen to be believed.

While we don't get some details like how and when Doc found out about the McFly family problems in the second story it was still a delight to read. I found myself thinking of the movie soundtrack when reading this. Wonderful character development that has some real love packed in each issue. This series is always fun each month.

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