Sunday, February 7, 2016

Why I didn't like Batman and Robin (the comic)

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Someone left me a couple messages and while I don't have to reply I'd like to make this clear. I loved Tomasi on Green Lantern Corps. The stories were compelling and I enjoyed how he developed the characters.

I didn't like Batman and Robin not because Tomasi didn't "kiss the ass" of Jason Todd. Because Jason wasn't the star he was a cameo, while I found fault with how he was used I'd still say Tomasi got a lot more of his character than King. My problem with the series was how the Waynes were written. I don't like Bruce being a jerk that constantly uses and abuses his kids (as in plural.) This is a problem both in and out of the grief story. Although the grieving arc had him acting far more extreme than other writers wrote him at the time.

I don't like that Damian isn't kept in check nor his behavior. His previous growth goes backwards as Bruce finds out he had murderous drawings. Damian kills a bat which is another huge warning sign in real life but this is just kind of shrugged off without showing Damian getting the help he needs. I enjoy the Gleason issues I read because Damian is making efforts to better himself and admit to his faults. I could enjoy parts of the stories Tomasi wrote, I remember an annual about the family history I loved. As a whole a lot of little things, plot details and the Waynes themselves made me dislike the series.

Oh and the Talia thing, Tomasi wasn't as bad at reducing her character as Morrison but she's a complex character not one note. She's not intended to be a hero but she had depth before Morrison decided to change her for the story he wanted to tell.

To the first person/same person (?) who was anonymous for the first comment: No, Jason is not supposed to be 23. DC has stated that Dick is 21, Jason is between Dick and Tims' age (who was just confirmed as 16.) Damian might officially be 10 but DC has also played with this like Tomasi stating Damian met Bruce over a year ago on his tenth birthday. Later on they said he was aged up due to the 5 year timeline and is only physically 10.


  1. Personally I found the series pretty enjoyable when it had Damian and Bruce working as counterbalance for each other. The moment that Damian was taken from the equation, everything went to hell.

  2. It had it's moments but the Waynes did get on my nerves. I can't like a series if I can't stand the leads half the time. I'm usually alright with Damian except for when Tomasi and King wrote him. Bruce was horrible in the grief arc.