Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Short Review: Green Lantern Edge of Oblivion #1

I'm really behind on my reviews.


I admit that if I was around a cursing squirrel I'd react just like Guy. Anyway Mogo shines a light to bring the lost GLs to it which also gets the attention of two giant guardians of the survivors or different worlds. They want to escape with the GLs when they go home. The GLs debate this and for some reason Guy isn't for this despite wanting to help in Green Lanterns Lost Army? I mean there are good points but what changed his mind? Kilowog puts an end to their arguing since he's the last survivor of his world and won't put up with not helping others in the same situation. The Giants introduce the GLs as their champions to a less than impressed audience.

John is more straightforward than he was in GLLA by explaining who they are. Not everyone is pleased to learn the truth. And soon after a fish GL dies with it's ring going to the central battery?

This was a decent read although some of the plots from GLLA seemed to have been dropped. John is no longer protesting helping others or even hiding who they are. Guy is unsure about helping these survivors. It's hard to tell what this series will turn out to be.


  1. I liked it. Had nice Van Shiver art, and... as usual, Guy had the best lines.

  2. I liked it I'm just wondering if their keep using things from GLLA like Relic. I did enjoy how Guy was pleased that his bar fight example was liked.