Sunday, February 7, 2016

Some Tim Drake Robin Designs

These are by Norm Breyfogle. It's really interesting to see some ideas that were toyed with especially since some of them came back later on.

There are some non-cape concepts to help make Tim stand out.

Tim does wear a hood in Arkham Knight and Damian current has one as well. The winged cape also makes a couple comebacks.

More of a blending of ideas with Tim's iconic cape that will be used in Stephanies' and current Dicks' Robin designs.

The sash/belt seemed to stick around for awhile and likewise the vest was serious considered.

The boots have also had some staying power in the planning stage.

Look familiar ? The red costume isn't exact but it does remind me of his second OYL suit.

The wing cape was used with the OYL outfit and Damian had one in New 52 although I'm not sure if every artist remembered to draw it. 

Closer to the finished product.


  1. Breyfogle was such a talented artist, is a damn shame what it happened to him.

  2. There's so many good ideas here, his art is amazing.