Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Enemies Old, Enemies New

I had to put down RW#2 after a few pages. I realized I never got around to reading a lot of my TPBs and needed a break to read something good. Thoughts on the second IDW trade.


This book explains some confusion I had with Splinter knowing how to fight. It's done in an unique way that differs from the more sci-fi based TMNT tellings we've gotten in the past. Why Splinter is more important than Old Hob is also explained. I enjoyed little bits like the turtles Pizza pal and Leo remembering someone in his dreams.

I was pleased to see Donatello question their past as his character revolves around science. He needs to have a logical explanation for it. Much like the last trade I don't like the out of place conflict between Leo and Donnie. This time it's over whether or not Donnie gloats that he's smarter than all of them. I'm not sure if it's true based on how it's written (also the fact Raph and Mikey don't care) but apparently they fight a lot? Which doesn't fit and like last time feels like their taking turns acting out Raphaels' part.

Splinters' reluctance to have the turtles engage in battles makes sense with the context we're given. The building of all the characters stories feels natural. Casey and April meet but it doesn't seem contrived at all. The pieces are slowly coming together in satisfying ways that doesn't feel rushed or drag. I don't have many problems as I'm sure most will be explained. I'm still not sure why so many people seem unfazed by the TMNTs and only April gives a realistic reaction. I guess there was a Raph mini series as there's a mutant mentioned that we haven't seen yet. I'll have to see how many trades there are besides at least a dozen IDW TPBs for this series.

Another great read and happily I received the next three trades for Christmas.


  1. This series has by far the best writing I've seen these days. There's a clear direction and due the way IDW handles its propierties the writers are free to set a lot of really long term plots.

    The writers are also showing an uncanny skill to mix pretty much every piece of lore introduced into the franchise via their many different incarnations in their plots in a very organical way. I really wish DC's editors would learn a thing or two from them.

    And yeah, RW 2 sucks big time

  2. I've been impressed with IDW in the past with their work on Angel which I think is far superior to Darkhorse work on Buffy. IDW manage to show love for the material without making it bad fanfic.

    It really is amazing how the blend new elements like Hob with new takes on stories and characters. Nothing is jarring even the blend of supernatural and science. There might be little things that bug me but I have no doubt most of it will be explored. With the possible exception of the people reacting to the turtles and maybe the Donnie thing.

    RW 2 reminds me why I hated the event. I got a little further and it's still hard to read even if I knew one spoiler. I had to put it down again. Where TMNT feels like a carefully plotted work by people who love the franchise RW feels like a cheap cash in by creators with extreme bias.