Friday, February 12, 2016

DC Accessories Wish List

We got a couple of accessory packs but what would be great to see with some of our favorite characters? What about deluxe figures?

First and foremost every masked figure should have a maskless head with the likeness of the art style chosen for the figure.

Booster Gold: (from vol. 2/Dan Jurgens style) The Time Knife, the JLA certificate, Skeets (there are several versions that can show up with different versions of Booster or packs.) Maybe a two pack with Goldstar with Michelle and Trixie heads.

Rip Hunter: (from Time Masters Vanishing point/Dan Jurgens) Packed with little flashback Rip.

Red Hood: (from Red Hood and the Outlaws/Kenneth Rocafort) I'd like to say the Red Hood/Arsenal designs too but they don't seem to be popular enough. Jason has a lot of accessories, his hand guns, the All Blades, his dagger from Under the Hood, a crowbar maybe a motorcycle.

Regardless I hope DCC takes advantage of the potential especially since they raised the price range for figures that are smaller than their new 52 line. If their going to charge that much it should be for add ons, nothing else.


  1. The only reason I wouldn't want a figure based on Rocafort's design is that they would go with the stupid Destro helmet. And that doesn't translate well AT ALL on a figure. The N52 DC Collectibles Red Hood looks awful due that.

  2. If it had multiple accessories or was a deluxe figure it could have different styles of helmets. When the accesories packs were first announced they talked about having extra heads. So even if it doesn't happen when the figure's released there's still a good chance of it being made especially if demand is high enough.