Thursday, February 11, 2016

More from DC Icons line

More figures, these are from the DC Icons line.

Swamp Thing from “Dark Genesis” (September, $28)
Wonder Woman from “The Amazo Virus” (September, $28)
Cyborg from “Forever Evil” (September, $45)
Deathstroke from “The Judas Contract” (September, $28)
Darkseid and Grail two-pack (October, $100)
Batgirl based on the Batgirl of Burnside, with motorcycle (November, $60).

And some accessory packs. I'm only interested in the accessory pack with Ch'p. There are some great sculpts here but none of my favorites. Batgirl has two head sculpts but for some reason DCC still isn't doing maskless heads? With all these sneak peeks I don't know if Toyfair will release anything else I'll be interested in. So far I don't plan on spending much on the upcoming stuff.


  1. He's in the last pictures in the link. Ch'p is in an accessory pack with some other goodies. Batmite is in the other.