Friday, February 5, 2016

Titans Hunt #4

I'm just skipping down my pull list.


Flashback to the past when they were all teammates, Dove (Don Hall) and Herald have gone missing. Everyone besides Dick Grayson is panicking. Mr. Twister tells Mal to call out to the others threatening Karen and the unborn baby if he doesn't comply. (If he did do something to them this book would go from meh to truly pissing me off.) Dove has to stop Hawk from killing someone. Roy and Caveboy flee the police. Dick gets Garth and Donna to work with him as he changes into his Nightwing suit. Because it will apparently draw out the guy who's stalking them and wants them to come to him?

Overall: There's not as much awkward dialogue as before. I liked how Dove was written barely engaging in the fight although I can't remember if her powers are supposed to work this way. I've never been too fond of Hawk since he's usually written like he's on the verge of a murder spree. Still the touch of him knowing something is wrong and not Dawn works for me. We don't have many legacy characters at the moment and I suppose I'm pleased to note Don is still remembered even if it's a small thing like the cover.

I truly hate how Garth is being written, he's better but he still has this manic "fight me" vibe. Caveboy doesn't like doing illegal things yet he had no problem breaking Roy out of jail.

Roys' costume has bothered me for awhile. I know I had to have mentioned it by now but why couldn't they have given him a different design for his Titans days? Not only does this come off like he hasn't grown since then but it also makes it feel like he's supposed to be older than Dick. We also learn what one of his tattoos means although I already knew it was Spanish for nightmares. The connect works though.

I'm undecided how I feel about the Roy/Donna romance being canon again. I'm not even sure what this Donna's personality is. If Kori does come back to the Titans and they do take Roy (don't do it DC) it might make for some tension. DC has loved toying with pairing lately. I guess this Roy has a personality as a "screw up" it just clashes with his previous characterization. He's not fun, he has no control over himself and I would never guess this guy is a genius. I don't think that's even been alluded to in this series.

Better than past issues, yes. Is it mind blowing? No. It's mostly okay but I'm probably going to forget about it as soon I start another book.

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