Friday, February 19, 2016

DC writers

Don't just write the Robins (or any character for that matter) with one personality trait. Tim isn't the only Robin that's smart, Jason isn't an unthinking brute, Dick isn't flirty all the time and Damian isn't better than everyone else. Far too often writers have dumbed all of them down to make them easier to write. Their skills are conveniently forgotten, they downplay one or more for the sake of the ones they like and basically have stories with cardboard cutouts. That's not just short changing the characters it's insulting to the readers. So please DC, don't continue this annoying trend in the future.

This doesn't just apply to whoever is writing the books these characters star in. In fact I find this problem usually happen in other books the Robins appear in, not surprisingly I've heard it's still a problem with Eternal and definitely was present in Robin War.


  1. Wise words indeed. I hate it when a writer... or an artist uses a character briefly, but leaves out ALL the character developments that have been on-going, and just defaults to the old clichés... because it is easier, than simply doing a little bit of research. Such as reading a recent book with that character.

  2. It's especially annoying when it becomes a trend. It's one of the reasons I'm thinking about dropping books if I don't like the creative teams for the new series.