Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Blue Beetle Rebirth #1

I believe both leads have had two previous solo volumes each before this series. I only read a couple of back issues for Ted's BB series although I'm more familiar with him elsewhere. I adored the first Jaime series while I didn't like what I read of the second. This series does take an idea that strangely hasn't been done yet: having Ted and Jaime star in the same series. While they have interacted before (Booster Gold Vol. 2) it hasn't been like this.


Jaime wants to be a normal kid and doesn't think Ted is doing enough to help with that. On his way to school with his friends Jaime gets a call from Ted telling him about trouble. The fight doesn't go too smoothly as the scarab takes over. Dr. Fate talks to Ted to tell him the scarab isn't a piece of alien tech it's magic. Meanwhile Brenda's aunt isn't pleased to learn Blue Beetle is talking to someone.

Overall: It's great to see the supporting cast along with the leads. I didn't realize how much I missed  them until now. I'm not really sure what to make of some of it. Milagro is older for some reason? So she can have a friend that think Jaime is cute? I enjoyed Brenda and Paco far more than I did in the first issue of the last Jaime series. The sneeze bit just went on too long. It ends up making Brenda look like she was arguing for petty reasons, something she wouldn't have done with anyone else. Yes their relationship has always been quirky it just seems like an odd thing to go on about when he was just trying to be polite.

Ted seems to have annoyed Jaime quite a bit in the time they've been working together. Which make sense but also feels strange since old canon has Jaime worshipping Ted's legacy. He had a WWTKD set of mind at one point. New canon and all that it's just something to get used to. I don't find Ted's insistence on *ahem* bugging Jaime with superhero stuff to be out of character. Giffin (and DeMatteis) wrote a Ted Kord that often did what he wanted and would drag others along. 

Remember Kooey Kooey Kooey and how Booster was talked into the gambling resort despite his protest? Or the fact he had a gambling problem that Ted knew about? Love Ted but he can be irritating when he wants something. Since he can't be conventional hero he's living through Jaime despite the fact Jaime wants something different. I would have liked to see this built up more until we finally begin to see Jaime frustrated to the point he is now. Ted IS frustrating to deal with in this though as he isn't listening to Jaime.

Nevertheless their banter isn't overboard and manages to be cute. I do wonder what Ted's history is as he's referred to as a hero yet nothing about that is mentioned outside the opening summary box. Can he fight hand to hand?

I love it when henchmen and villains are humanized and Giffin has done that in the past. Having Ruin and Rack drinking coffee while they wait for Jaime is a nice touch. The usually back and forth dialogue is nicely played especially with the Blue Beetles. The bit with Jaime flying off for school and Ted talking to Fate was already shown in DC Universe Rebirth. Much as I love the alien tech story I'm willing to see how this magic angle plays out.

I'd recommend this to fans of both of the leads. While Ted only contributes once to a fight his presence is very apparent throughout the book. The relationship hasn't quite gelled yet but that's part of the fun. Ted wants to be a mentor he just hasn't perfected it since he's not sure what to do all the time. His and Jaime's style of crime fighting differs as does their desires as Ted wants to be the hero and Jaime doesn't.

Although all the supporting cast are from Jaime's past series this is still the first issue and there's room to grow. Plus he has an awesome cast even if we only saw some of them briefly here. There's a lot potential and I'm definitely sticking with this one. It's not my favorite book of the month but still enjoyable.

Did You Notice?: According to the caption box Ted is a "sidelined hero." Later on Ted says the situation is as serious as a heart attack, which he would know about.

The title is "Will the real Blue Beetle please stand up die? With die over the stand up part

Say What?: Not a fan of redheads? Is this going to come back to Brenda later on?

Questions Raised?: Robots drink coffee? 


  1. This feels like a "WHAT IF... Ted Kord Had Survived Infinite Crisis and Flashpoint Never Happened" issue. That works for me.

  2. Me too. It was fun and has a lot of potential. Booster might appear at some point and we'll see how they play that. For now I'm pretty pleased with this.

  3. Gosh, but it was fun to see some of my very favorite characters back! I MISSED them!

    And you are quite right about it being Ted who was the irresponsible one... although for some reason it always seemed as though Booster got too much of the blame for their joint shenanigans.

  4. It really was and seeing them together really worked.

    Which is funny because at this point we've literally seen Booster be a better mentor to Jaime. Yeah it was never fair. I think it had to do with Booster being a "sell out" in their eyes. Ted also had a standard origin while Boosters' wasn't as heroic.