Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Too many equals deaths?

Someone mentioned that there are too many bat characters and every time I hear that phrase it reminds me of these arguments I find online. How you could or should only have a certain number of characters related to a certain brand. Back when DOTF was coming out I remember talk of an actual death to "cut down the family." There was also debate of whether writers usually have this in mind for events. 

I mean it's possible but at the moment I don't see writers listing these characters down and making a check list of the ones their killing within a year. Shouldn't deaths have more meaning than keeping numbers down? I know deaths are considered for certain things like Infinite Crisis but that's a larger scope story.

I might not like a huge bat family since some are ignored (anyone remember Bette Kane?) and the way others are handled. But I dunno, I can ignore most of it to focus on what I enjoy. It sucks when the characters you love are killed and even if I don't care/know all of the newer ones I'd feel for the ones that do.


  1. Why even bother coming up with interesting new characters if you are just going to kill them off? Killing old beloved characters may have been shocking once, but by now it is simply a dreary cliché for writers who have run out of ideas.

  2. You know it's bad when you have to seriously think of what characters haven't died. It could be done well but it does come off like writers are straining for ideas.