Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Booster Gold Canon Confusion

When you think about it this has been confusing for the past few years.

  • Booster Gold goes into Flashpoint and comes out with his memories shifted. The last issue of his solo series ends with him at Vanishing Point with the implication that this is the same Booster that was changed with the timeline resulting with the New 52 world.

  • New 52 Justice League International happens with Booster Gold as the leader. There are some notable changes like Guy Gardner not knowing him well. There are also some nods to past stories like Batman trusting Booster although Justice League has Batman dismiss JLI.

  • JLI Annual happens ignoring most of Jurgens series making it sound like Booster always lied to his teammates and other BS. that wasn't in the actual title. An older Booster from the "Future" shows up to warn his past self. Both disappear from the timeline with it heavily hinted at Superman/Wonder Woman being a bad thing that shouldn't happen.

  • Booster shows up in All Star Western with some memory loss, accidentally brings Jonah Hex to the future then sends him back. 

  • Futures End Booster Gold happens. The Superman/Wonder Woman bit isn't brought up and older Booster is actually a version from another timeline. Which means New 52 and the original Booster aren't the same.

  • Convergence happens. New Booster tells Rip Hunter about his world which Rip has never heard of. Why the Superman/Wonder Woman bit matters isn't clear but Booster isn't bothered by it. Older Booster becomes Booster (Wave)Rider and the newer version is transported away. 

  • DC Universe Rebirth has original Wally West appear and reveals time was stolen changing the old DCU into the current one. Someone tells the older Superman from Lois and Clark that things aren't what he thinks they are. What this means for the characters with doubles is unclear.

Needless to say that when Booster(s?) appears we could do with some exposition to explain things. 


  1. Confusing is the word for it! DC really has not handled Booster or Rip particularly well.

  2. They kind of got lost in the shuffle when the new continuity was being shaped.