Friday, August 19, 2016

RWBY Questions and Speculations

Quite a few come up


What's the deal of the color themes of the show? I know Ozpin explained why most of the characters have names associated with colors but I mean in general.

Colors of Auras vary from character to character. Is this like the different colored corps in Green Lantern? Do personality types have to do with what color your aura is? For example both Sun and Yang have yellow auras and both are upbeat people until the ending of VOL. 3. Okay then do other personality traits have to do with them having different Semblances? Sun is based on the Monkey King and has a more active version of Blake's defensive Semblance. He loves mischief and fun. Yang does too but she's known for getting angry when she fights which usually gives her the edge. Are these factors or is it random? I would think the former is true since this is a connection to the soul.

Why does Weiss' family have the same Semblance (and maybe aura)? What is her aura color? I would have originally thought white. In the World of Remnant Aura video she's colored light blue (it's also the background color for her icon/symbol.) There's only one character that doesn't match their icon background color. Which brings me to another possible speculation:

Do babies have their auras revealed and get named after the color? Ruby, etc. match. If Weiss is light blue I could still see her family giving her that name to match their snow image. Tradition and all that. But you know who doesn't have the same color as their icon background or name? Jaune Arc. His family color seems to be yellow based on the name of his sword but his aura is white. What importance does that have because it can't be a mistake.

What is Dust and is it related to Auras? It will likely be connected to the damaged moon but I thought about this in a more horrific way. Mostly because I was wondering what horrible secrets Ozpin could be keeping and Dust doesn't currently have an known origin. The soul, aura and Semblance are all connected. Semblance being the power given once a person's aura/soul is unlocked. Yet Dust is also colorful and gives powers. How dark would it be if Dust was a form of trapped aura? Remnant uses it for just about everything. If Weiss' father knew about it and made more efforts to make a profit...well just how far is he willing to go?

Now onto another topic: Who or what is the Knight Weiss fights?

I hear it's something her father summoned but I don't mean that. According to what Winter says they summon defeated foes. Well if their dad created the Knight to fight his daughter then who was the Knight he defeated? A robot? Well their company does have connections. A Huntsman? Why did they fight?

Are any of the stories mentioned by name in the series foreshadowing? Not so much Emerald's mention of book titles since she's mostly alluding to Mercury and herself (The Thief and the Butcher.) I mean Blake mentioning a book about a man with two souls and the fairy tales Pyrrha names. It seems like this series would mention them for a reason. Qrow claims all legends have some truth to them so will we be seeing those?

How important is history to the story? We have gotten some information on a great war that tried to do away with creativity. A Faunus war. Jaune comes from a family of warriors with one that fought in a war, so does that connect?

Are the warriors in the Beacon statue the same ones featured in World of Remnant Huntsmen? The woman has a hooded cape and battle ax. The Man has a hood and sword. In WOR:H the woman is purple with a cape (no hood up) and battle ax. The man is yellow with his hood up (looks like a scarf/cape?) and a sword. Since its been speculated that the man in the statue is Jaune's ancestor and his family color seems to be yellow it seems to fit.

What's the deal with Aura/Semblance and injuries? The idea is that aura protects you from harm until it's depleted. Semblance is linked to aura so it seems like it shouldn't be accessible when the aura is gone. But we've seen people get injured yet still use their Semblances. Weiss gets her scar in the White trailer when she's punched yet she's still able to use her abilities. Yang gets her arm cut off when she's in the middle of using her power to attack. Blake is able to form a duplicate despite being stabbed. Jaune gets bruised before his Semblance kicks in to protect him.

I've heard it guessed that Jaune might have gotten hurt because he felt he deserved it since he was so down on himself. I could buy that explanation as Jaune is new to the whole aura thing and doesn't know how to activate his Semblance. But what about the others?

On a related note does the fact Jaune has "a lot" of aura cone into play with?

Winter says a Semblance is like muscle that strengthens the more you use it so is an aura the same? Because Jaune was in the red often so does that mean he was constantly being beaten for a longer period of the day than the others or he's so untrained that it last as long as the other students during training? If you can keep track of the damage to your aura then wouldn't all the teachers be aware of how much aura Jaune has? If he is unusual for having a high amount then you'd think others would notice. That Glynda would be looking at her screen wondering when she can call the match and if the computer was faulty.

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