Friday, August 26, 2016

How long until Blue & Gold meet?

Something I've been pondering after Blue Beetle.

Now I don't know how the whole DC Universe Rebirth plot will work out. The Time Masters should be a part of it though. Anyway with Ted Kord out and about it raises the question of when we'll see him being introduced to the new (maybe?) Booster Gold. According to the Convergence tie in the two haven't met. I don't know if the meetings with Jaime are still canon but I wasn't a fan of those.

However they choose to have Blue and Gold meet for the first time (again) will be great to see. Will they find themselves thrown together in a situation? Meet as civilians not knowing who the other is? Will they start out hating each other?

I don't know why but I keep thinking Booster would get REAL annoyed with Ted real quick and Ted would be oblivious. I could see them in a very Giffin/DeMatteis like bit when they start to banter back and forth with Ted not getting that there's a problem. Then in the midst of whatever crisis they were in Ted muses that he's never had any one that could keep up with his jokes.

"We seem to be on the same wavelength. I guess that means my sense of humor really is ahead of it's time."

"Or mine's really dated."

Something along those lines. DC has been teasing at Booster returning for a long time now. It feels like a good time for his return.


  1. Oh please let this happen... and soon!

  2. Even if they don't meet for awhile I need my Booster Gold fix. It's been too long.

  3. It has been too long. Geez they went from having all these Booster plans to not knowing what to do with him.